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Your idea

We are not taking new ideas at this time

So you think you have the next BIG idea for an app and you want to get it created and make some money…

You sound like someone we would like to get to know

Seriously though, if you have an idea and would like some assistance in moving it from a concept to an actual app that can make you money you have come to the right place.

Who we are

We are a small Irish based app development company who specialise on the development of apps for individuals and businesses.

Why you can trust us

Simple, we depend on you!
We have the expertise and you have the ideas. Together we can build applications that are informative, fun and hopefully profitable! When you submit an idea to us it remains your idea unless you choose to give it to us to build for you and share in the profits.

How to submit an Idea

Submitting an idea is easy and we only request that you give us as much detail as possible to assist us with evaluating it. None of the information you submit to us will be shared with third parties and once we review the idea we will respond to you.

How we evaluate ideas

Ideas are evaluated using a number of criteria as follows:
1. Originality – is it a brand new idea or simply just a better version of an existing one?
2. Complexity – will it require a lot of development to build and how complex will it be to use?
3. Profitability – can the app generate a return on investment for you and us?
Apps that score well against these are more likely to get approved and possibly get built.

How long will it take to build my App?

This is a difficult one but the simple answer is that it depends. Every app is different and the amount of time required to develop it depends on the functionality required and the complexity involved in implementing it.
If your idea is approved we will give you an estimate of the time required to build it.

How much can I make?

Again this is a difficult one to answer but it depends on two main factors:
1. How many people want to buy your app
2. How much each person is willing to pay – Getting this ratio correct so as to maximise profitability is in everyone’s interest.

How much will it cost me?

Nothing but your time submitting the idea!
If you submit an idea that we think is great we will build it for you and you can participate any profits the app makes. In this scenario we own your idea however you will continue to receive a substantial share of its profits. Every time someone buys the app you get your cut.

When do I get paid?

We pay your cut of the profits every month following receipt of payment from the App Store and Android Marketplace.

What If I want all the profit?

No problem.
If you want all the profit your app makes we can quote you for the building of the app and once completed it is yours to market and distribute as you please. The completed app and all its supporting material (code and documentation) remain your property.

Get started now by submitting your idea!

You can submit as many ideas as you wish, the more the better in fact, we review all ideas and you may be surprised how many of yours could be great!

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